How to Formulate your Patio

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1-Decide on Size of your Patio

What to design your own patio but don't know where to begin?

First - decide how small, or large, you want your patio to be.

Begin by measuring the length and the width and multiplying those two numbers together.

(For example: A 10' x 10' patio would be 10x10 and would equal 100 square feet. A 12' x 10' patio would equal 120 square feet, etc.)

Write that number down and move one to the next step.

2-Decide what size blocks you want to use

Below is the square footage of each size of patio stones that White Cement Specialties offers

12x12=1 square foot

16x16=1.78 square foot

18x18=2.25 square foot

20x20=2.78 square foot

24x24=4 square foot

16" Hexagon=1.56 square foot

18' Hexagon=1/86 square foot

3-Divide the two number together

Now that you have the two numbers, you will divide the patio number by the patio stone number.

(Example: The owner of the 10x 10 patio decides that he wants to make his patio using the 12x12 size patio stones. He will take the number of his patio that equals 100 sq. ft. and divide it by the number of the patio stone size which is 1 sq. ft. and he discovers that he will need 100 of the 12x12 patio stones to create his patio.)

A 12x10 foot patio will require 120 of the 12x12 patio stones, etc.

When you receive an odd number, always round that number up and be prepared to do some cutting for the perfect patio.

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We can also tell you how much sand or screenings you will need for your new patio or driveway and provide it for you.